Screenshot Saturday Monday: Immersive Sims and Frying Pans

Every weekend, indie developers showcase their work in progress on Twitter #screenshotsSaturday label. And every Monday, I offer you a selection of these shots and clips. This week my attention was drawn to my immersive indie sims, a great in-world menu system, and rattling pots and pans in a soundscape location. Come see!

When I first saw that the Etos Immersive Simulator had interchangeable computer parts, I thought that was a little trick. Now… now I’m scared.

Also crouched in the Immersive Sim Vent this week, I appreciate that Spectra offers more possibilities, just in case:

And a set of stunning physical and mechanical menus from the underwater survival horror game Full Fathom (coming to Steam):

A good piece of sound effects from the “narrative cooking game” Venba (coming soon on Steam):

You know, it never occurred to me that even if a wizard uses magic to do his chores, if he can’t do chores really well, how would his spell do? Thanks for the thought Kingdoms Of The Dump (coming to Steam):

I like a hare load as a performance testing technique:

Another fun performance test, this time from Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams (available now on Steam), a game that Alice Bee considers one of the best puzzle games:

A cozy house in No More Fathers, a game that I don’t believe is a sequel to No More Heroes:

This certainly looks like a hazard to me, Bionic Bay (coming to Steam, with a demo now):

Kid Bubblegum’s More Platform Friendly (Coming to Steam):

A bit of Afro Of Justice “groovy ARPG” bif-bam-pow:

A surly guard in Beyond Shadowgate (coming to Steam), a very late sequel to the NES version of the 80s adventure game Shadowgate:

Oh :


I mentioned last week that technical issues have interfered with attempts to include Mastodon in this column as Twitter continues to crash (and boy does it!). A small update on this: still down right now, but reviewing it is on the tech team’s to-do list.

What else caught your eye this weekend, dear reader?

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